Cllr Glen Burrows, Town Portfolio Holder for Transport

The Bridgwater Transport Forum, chaired by Councillor Glen Burrows, is exploring ways to make Bridgwater safer, cleaner and more welcoming. This is in response to concerns about the effects of air and noise pollution on our health and well-being. Cllr. Burrows said “ We want to create an environment that is safe and healthy for our children to grow up in. There are strong links between air pollution and diseases such as asthma, heart disease and other lung diseases. As we move out of Covid-19 measures, let’s stop talking about pollution and DO something. Our Liveable Neighbourhoods working party is preparing a survey to gather views and ideas for change from people who live, work and shop in Bridgwater. ”

Somerset’s Climate Emergency Strategy aims to make Somerset carbon neutral by 2030, so we’ve got to work faster. Motorised transport is responsible for 46.2% of carbon emissions in Somerset, compared to 29.5% from industry and 23.8% from homes. Change is always difficult, but introduction of low traffic areas in other parts of the country shows that it can be done, and that initial doubts and concerns can change into recognition of the value of clean air and safe streets.

A Liveable Neighbourhood

Specific proposals will always include an initial approach to residents and traders in the areas designated for traffic reduction, to meet concerns about access and parking. A Liveable Neighbourhood will safeguard and prioritise
access for pedestrians and cyclists, and will encourage seating, tree and flower planting. All proposals will be submitted to Somerset County Council as the local transport authority, who will then be responsible for
commissioning and implementing.

Please help us to clean up our act!
Contact: cllrburrows@bridgwater-tc.gov