Call for nominations for The People Mural Project at the Quayside Festival 2021, 10th July

The People Mural Project will feature large portraits of local people who have helped others during the pandemic. The portraits will be pasted-up during the Quayside Festival on Saturday 10th July. The project aims to highlight people who would not normally be recognised. All nominations will be considered and we hope to represent a wide spectrum of things that people have done, from the practical to the creative all the way down to the smallest but meaningful gestures of solidarity, from friends and strangers.

We are calling for nominations to be sent to by Tuesday 6th July.

Nominations should include:

  • The name of the person
  • Why they are being nominated
  • Your relationship to them
  • Contact details for them and you

Photographing the portraits will be arranged between the 7th and 9th July and all nominees and the people who nominated them will be invited to paste-up the portraits themselves on Saturday 10th July, during the Quayside Festival.

The organisers Andrew Jeffery and Irena Hubble-Brezowski said:  “We have seen a wonderful amount of support across communities whilst actually seeing very little of each other. Much of the help people give to each other we would never know about. We think it’s important to highlight what people have done, and continue to do, through sharing these stories publicly and making them visible. Through these portraits we want to celebrate people and what they can do together and for each other.”