Happy New Year from your Eastover Councillors!

We hope that 2018 has started well for all of our residents in Eastover – we’ve certainly been busy!

20MPH Outside Our Schools

Your councillors Chelsea Chadwick, Dave Loveridge and Tony Heywood are working hard on ensuring that a 20MPH sign is finally put outside our schools. The CIM bid has successfully passed the first round for approval – we are positive it will pass the further rounds! Of course, we will keep you updated.

Keeping Our Community Clean

We have been visiting various areas in our community which you have highlighted as untidy and unsightly. This includes – but is not limited to – overgrowth by the railway, clogged guttering and fly-tipping in residential areas. We take these matters seriously, and cannot thank you enough for letting us know when issues arise. Another related area is when residents leave their rubbish or recycling out on days without a refuge service.  In some cases – this is due to having no proper place to store your rubbish. If you would be interested in having a seagull-proof bag to store your rubbish sacks, then please let us know.

Eastover looking busy in 1905
Eastover looking busy in 1905
Promoting Local Businesses

We are proud to represent Eastover, and this includes the small and local businesses in our area. Eastover has a huge variety of stores here, and wherever possible, we visit our local cafes, restaurants and haberdasheries – but to name a few. We are already looking to extend our contribution to local festivals and events to keep Eastover high on the map for visitors and locals alike.

How can we help?

As your elected representatives on Bridgwater Town Council, Sedgemoor District Council and Somerset County Council – we are here for you. If you feel like we need to work on a certain area of Eastover, please get in touch and let us know your issues or queries.