It’s a Labour Hat Trick for Eastover!!

Dave Loveridge retains his county seat

Thanks to the voters of Eastover we managed to stop the Tory juggernaut dead in it’s tracks and elected all three local Labour Councillors for Town, District and County.

At the count on Thursday night all candidates received an endorsement from the community they vowed to represent and the results went like this.

The Eastover Town Council Result:

Tony wins the town seat
  • Tony Heywood (Labour) 282*
  • Pele Barnes (Conservative) 251
  • Anthony Nickolls (Lib Dem) 140
  • David Preece (Independent) 62

The Eastover District Result:

Chelsea wins the District seat
  • Chelsea Chadwick (Labour) 287*
  • Pele Barnes (Conservative) 256
    Anthony Nickolls (Lib Dem) 132
  • David Preece (Independent) 60

Bridgwater North & Central COUNTY COUNCIL – result

Election CandidatePartyVotes% 
Dave LoveridgeLabour59341%Elected
Pele BarnesConservative51036%Not elected
Antony NickollsLiberal Democrat19614%Not elected
Dave PreeceIndependent816%Not elected
Nikki ClarkGreen Party564%Not elected