Steps taken to stop anti-social behaviour on Salmon Parade

Steps taken to stop anti-social behaviour on Salmon Parade

The removal of a bench on Salmon Parade has been successful in ending a wave of anti–social behaviour.

The behaviour of a group of men congregating around a bench on Salmon Parade drinking alcohol had led to a barrage of complaints from local residents living in nearby Parrett House. Anti-social hours (drinking could start as early as 6.30m), litter (empty cans were regularly thrown over the river wall on to the mud below), and the use of an alleyway as a toilet were a few of the complaints reported to local councillors Moira Brown and Dave Loveridge.

The bench was quickly removed, and replaced by a large planter, so creating a more pleasant environment for residents and shoppers alike.

Flowers replace anti- social behaviour!
Flowers take over from anti- social behaviour!

Local resident Martin Appleby said, ‘Since the bench has been removed, there has been absolutely no trouble. The drinkers have all dispersed. I have spoken to several concerned local residents and businesses and they all agree that it’s so much better now. We would like to say a very big thank you to Dave and Moira for liaising with Sedgemoor District Council, and for getting things done so quickly. We really appreciate it!‘