Time For the Eastover Clock?

People around Eastover have been asking ‘where’s that old clock that used to be on the Broadway?’ You know, the one that workers on their way to Cellophane used to check to see they were on time (or early, because it was always set fast). Well, ask no more. Although rumours abounded that it was chucked in a skip when the new Mercure hotel was built in fact it was taken into safe keeping by Bridgwater Town Council and that’s where it is today. But…what to do with it??

Broadway clock in all it's glory
Broadway clock back in the day

Sitting councillors Dave Loveridge and Tony Heywood invited residents Glen Burrows and Li Gibson along to check the clock was all in one piece. Which it is. Now the plan is to restore it and put it somewhere useful. And councillors are asking residents to come up with ideas.

Glen Burrows, who is also a member of the Civic Society, is very keen to preserve Bridgwater’s heritage and is happy to co-ordinate the clock project. So people can contact her on glenburrows@btinternet.com with their ideas.

Glen says “Suggestions so far include the bus station and the railway station. It could also go on the wall close to where it originally was. But the important thing is it’s safe and we want it back. So over to you.!

Glen Burrows -asking for views on what to do with the clock

Debate has been raging on facebook since user ‘Scott Temple’ innocently asked about it’s history and where it was. Most people insisted it should be put back as it was a gift to the town and part of our heritage. One was Bob Fursland who commented ” If anybody does listen please put the clock back . The people of Bridgwater put up with a lot of disruption as the hotel was being built surely deserves to have the clock back with a nice new support.” Then there was Richard Mellin who added ” Out of order to decide that a gift to the town should be scrapped…. it doesn’t have to be mounted exactly as was but if true it’s piece of BCL history and should be looked after. Give us our clock back please”. But Jon Alsbury had a different view “Oh, I wonder what time it is? I know i’ll drive down to Broadway and find out.” Tony Garcia adding ” Most people have mobile phones today!!”