Two New Benches for Eastover Park

Eastover has a lovely park, which runs alongside Cranleigh Gardens. It is well-used  by footballers and dog-walkers and has an outdoor gym and tennis court. What it has lacked for a number of years is benches within the park, for people to sit and relax, listen to bird-song or watch a football game. Thanks to the efforts of local residents and town and district councillors, two seats have now been installed around the edge of the park, and a third is planned to overlook the adjacent pond.

Eastover District Councillor Li Gibson said “The new benches will be a stopping place for people unable to walk longer distances without resting, it will enable more people to enjoy the park. Whilst speaking with local residents we found some people struggled walking the perimeter but wanted to take exercise. Benches put at certain points will be of help with this. In the near future there will be more benches and more tree planting in the area to enhance the beauty of the park and allow for more people to rest and play there.”