Eastover’s Labour Councillors & Candidates

TONY HEYWOOD  (Town & District)

Tony Heywood

Email: tony@eastover.co.uk

Tony lives in Bridgwater Town Centre with his family. Raised in a close working class family, Tony has always held to Labour values of fairness, equality of opportunity, investment in public services, and in the general principle that a healthy society will always act to protect its poorest and most vulnerable citizens.  Tony strongly supports the work of the Labour controlled Bridgwater Town Council and as a campaigner for town centre residents parking and the 20’s plenty speed campaign he wants to offer his support by bringing his experience to the Eastover community.

Tony is standing for re-election as a TOWN COUNCILLOR for EASTOVER in MAY 2022

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Jacqui Solomon

Jacqui is standing for Eastover TOWN COUNCILLOR in May 2022

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Jacqui was educated in Bridgwater and has lived in town for 32 years, 10 of those years in Polden Street. She was a local Secondary School Geography teacher and is now a Ceremonies Officer for the Registration Service. Her two children also attended Eastover Primary school. Jacqui is especially interested in the environment and is currently the Chair for the Friends of the Meads Eco Park.

Jacqui says, “Families are struggling with the cost-of-living crisis, with housing issues and poor infrastructure. Eastover is a vibrant place to live and  we must choose to take care of the communal spaces and landscape. Eastover Park is a great example of a multi-use outdoor area and I fully support Bridgwater Town Council’s vision to take on parks and open spaces. I believe this will improve the quality of life for those in the area. Eastover is Somerset’s most multicultural area; this thriving and diverse community is something we can all benefit from.”


Eastover is part of BRIDGWATER NORTH and CENTRAL for the new Somerset Unitary Council. The elections will be on May 5th. The 2 Labour candidates for this division will be HILARY BRUCE and LEIGH REDMAN

Leigh Redman & Hilary Bruce

Li Gibson (District)

Li Gibson

Email: Li@eastover.co.uk

Li will remain an EASTOVER SEDGEMOOR COUNCILLOR until May 2023

Glen Burrows

Glen Burrows (Town)

Email: Glen@eastover.co.uk

Glen Burrows

Glen will remain an Eastover Town Councillor until May 5th 2022

Dave Loveridge

Dave Loveridge

Email: dave@eastover.co.uk
Phone: 01278 458658

Dave  will remain County Councillor for Bridgwater North until May 5th 2022