Eastover’s Labour Councillors & Candidates

TONY HEYWOOD  (Town & District)

Tony Heywood

Email: tony@eastover.co.uk

Tony lives in Bridgwater Town Centre with his family. Raised in a close working class family, Tony has always held to Labour values of fairness, equality of opportunity, investment in public services, and in the general principle that a healthy society will always act to protect its poorest and most vulnerable citizens.  Tony strongly supports the work of the Labour controlled Bridgwater Town Council and as a campaigner for town centre residents parking and the 20’s plenty speed campaign he wants to offer his support by bringing his experience to the Eastover community.

Li Gibson (District)

Li Gibson

Email: Li@eastover.co.uk

Li lives, studies and works in Bridgwater. 

Throughout her life she has mainly worked in nursing and care. This has been especially focused on mental health within the areas of young people, people living in temporary accommodation, including homelessness, drug and alcohol misuse and addiction support, and care of older people.

Li’s main concerns are the environment, transport, housing and people receiving good care and support within the community. Li wants to support smaller businesses in the town as she feels this would help rejuvenate the area and create local employment.

Given the opportunity, Li would work hard for the people of the town and help to establish a better environment for all. She wants to see Bridgwater bloom!

Glen Burrows (Town)

Email: Glen@eastover.co.uk

Glen Burrows

Glen is standing for the Eastover ward on the Town Council and if elected would ensure the people of Eastover are regularly consulted on the issues that matter to them

Glen moved to Bridgwater in 1980, to teach at Bridgwater College. She has lived in Eastover since 1985, and is actively involved in local issues and campaigns, particularly public transport (Friends of Bridgwater Station) and Bridgwater’s heritage (Civic Society). She is a volunteer with Citizens’ Advice and an active member of Unite Community ad Bridgwater Trades Union Council.

Dave Loveridge

Dave Loveridge

Email: dave@eastover.co.uk
Phone: 01278 458658

Dave has been a County Councillor since 1989, and a town and district councillor since the formation of the new town council in 2002.

Dave is Somerset born and bred, and has lived and worked in Bridgwater since 1970. He worked at the Bonded Fibre Fabric   factory ( BFC) until he was made redundant, going on to subsequent employment at ‘This Is It’ and ‘B and Q’. He lived in Wellington Road, Eastover for over 20 years, so says he is very familiar with problems of residents’ parking!