Former Hospital NOT Being ‘Demolished’

Despite the usual rumour and speculation on social media the former hospital on Salmon Parade is of course NOT being demolished. Ward Councillors Tony Heywood and Jacqui Solomon (Labour Eastover) have been involved in theproject since it started and want to reassure people of the  plans and outcomes. Cllr Solomon said “It is listed and it certainly wouldn’t be demolished without listed building consent. “ Cllr Tony Heywood said “It is planned to become a mixed social care facility, including a training centre. There’s been a good deal of information circulated about it, but clearly it missed the mark. It’s not being demolished.” Town Council Property PFH Cllr Tim Mander added The next phase of work is to remove debris, asbestos and prepare for the removal of some of the perimeter buildings. We did have a crane removing fire escapes and other attached bits a month ago.The new use of a crane is to make safe the public domain and remove all broken roof materials caused by vandalism.”

A statement from the Planning Authority Somerset Council

Bridgwater Infirmary from 1865

Repair and maintenance works are being carried out on the former Bridgwater Hospital site at Salmon Parade in Bridgwater.

These are very early works and contractors have been initially appointed to remove debris caused by recent trespass activity and to make safe loose materials which were in danger of falling outside of the site boundaries.

Delicate works will then continue to access and shore-up deteriorated elements of the buildings, before commencing the removal of asbestos and other hazardous materials.

We can confirm that none of the main or Listed Buildings are being removed or altered at this time.  The project is still in the design work phase and necessary planning permissions still need to be obtained.


The Somerset Academy for Health and Social Care is a multi-agency project.  Former Sedgemoor District Council and its partners were successful in obtaining a £19.7million bid from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities for the former Bridgwater Hospital, located in the heart of Bridgwater.  The Grade II listed building, which has lain empty since the new Community Hospital was built in 2014, will now have a new lease of life as a state-of-the-art Somerset Academy for Health and Social Care. Somerset Council is leading the project through the design and build phase.  The project will see the main hospital building returned to public use by creating a wholly integrated skills development and learning academy to attract, retain, grow, and upskill our key workers in the health and care sector.

Jacqui & Tony

Bridgwater Town Council have been key partners in the project.

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